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TerranTek is a small company that is involved with finding ways to convert kinetic or motion energy back into electricity. 

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have been in existence for a year and a half, and currently have two employees.

What do we have!

DLP Gen2 generating system

The DLP  stands for Dense Linear Pulse, meaning its a linear generator 

[ side to side motion ].

The DLP has been designed for today's transportation industry!

Why is ours so much better then today's current linear generators?

We are in the middle of getting our industrial patent, so we can't let all of our information out, but we can give you a few details on what the DLP has.

First of all, we are able to use the vehicles liquid cooling system or air condition system to keep our generator cool. 

The second ability is to greatly increase our coil density without increasing the size of the unit. 

What that means, is greater power without increasing the size of the generator.

The third thing that makes ours different then today's conventional circular or linear design, is that we have the ability to make its internal design as a series, series parallel or parallel application. No where in today's generator do we have the ability to provide different applications of wiring. For the person that has no understanding to what I just wrote, it means that it allows for greater flexibility of output, allowing the DLP to be design for any specifications or applications.

The fourth thing that makes the DLP unique. The whole system has been designed to be a heatsink. What that means, is that everything internal has been designed to bleed heat, From the magnetic's, its coils, everything has been designed to expel heat, which is one of the major obstacles of electric generation.

The fifth thing that makes the DLP unique. Low impedance.

It doesn't stop there, but we have to keep something close to our chest.


Where are we going?

The transportation industry is just begging of something like our DLP Gen2 system. 

At the Paris airshow this years, it was announced that over 300 billion dollars was going to be invested in hybrid technology for aircraft as well as another 200 billion dollars for vertical takeoff vehicles that are fully electric. Israel already has a fully electric aircraft that is coming into service later this year, that is design to do flight of up to 900 kilometers. That's just the tip of the iceberg. 

There are over 900 million vehicles between China, Europe and North America, that will be turned over in the next fifteen years. 

As you can see there is a lot of potential out there, that if we can find a charging system that is able to take all that kinetic energy and convert it to electric energy without impeding the vehicle we have a game changer, and that is what we have at TerranTek with the DLP Gen2 system. If interested and would like more information please feel free to contact us.


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