Who Are WE?


TerranTek is a small company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,  that is involved in finding ways to convert kinetic or motion energy back into electricity.

We use innovative forms of organic composite plastic in the construction of our systems that are bio-degradable yet extremely strong, durable and long-lasting.

What do we have?

Kinetic Energy E-Bike

TerranTek is proud to bring you a new and exciting concept called the KE e-bike.          

The KE concept is an e-bike that is built entirely out of organic plastic composite that is bio-degradable but has a long life expectancy. Its strength is over two times that of steel and can resist impact damage ten times greater than that of steel. It is cost-effective to produce and leaves no carbon or climate footprint. Its the best of both worlds.         

The KE e-bike also comes with a regenerating system that we call the DLP Gen2 system.

The DLP Gen2 is a low impact system on the cyclist, giving back maximum energy with low impedance. Designed to work in harmony with the battery, it gives extra range to the cyclist allowing longer trips between recharging.    Other features include enhancing light for greater visibility, anti-theft, universal docking bay and many other improvements to enhance the cyclist experience.   These are some of the things that we bring to the e-bike market.

TerranTek is committed to the environment in continuing research where green technology can be applied. We are looking into organic batteries, supercapacitors and biofuels such as biodiesel and biogasoline.        

image of a bull racing e-bike

             image of bull racing e-bike

          Racing bike with Hunt rims

Where are we going!

The Direction

Our planet is dying. Pollution is everywhere, and its effects on our climate are staggering.   Protesting isn't going to solve the problems. What we need are solutions.                

TerranTek believes that there are many solutions out there that are cheap and green. We are not looking for them in the right places. That is changing, with small startup companies that are actively searching for answers.                   

One company, FWG, has been working on an organic battery and supercapacitors. Here is the link to the company if interested https://fwgltd.co.uk/. They have just had their organic battery tested in the UK, and the results came back. Their organic carbon graphene battery produces more than two times the power per pound then a lead-acid battery.                 

Hemp plastic, developed by Henry Ford, was introduced to the world in 1941when he rolled out his hemp plastic car. With a mixture of hemp, straw and a couple of other ingredients, Henry Ford develops a plastic that was two and a half times stronger than steel. Here are two short films about the vehicle.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfmZfeY2OyI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F5DcjwfMfY   

Hemp can be almost grown anywhere, is cheap to produce, very environmentally friendly, the fibres are strong in strength and mixed with other organic fibres can produce a plastic of incredible strength and durability.           

We are looking for either a mentor, partnership, or both to pursue this environmentally sound product to its conclusion.          

Here is a short video on where we got the concept for the DLP Gen2 recovery system, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiyaYII7ROA.   

You are about to watch our MVP prototype in action, or as we call it the DLP Gen2 system, which means Dense Linear Pulse, second generation. 

The next three videos show the system in operation, as well as showing you the voltage and amperage. The first video is a long one at 16 minutes the next two are just about amperage and voltage. The speed of the system is about 300 to 350 rotation per minute and is entirely made of plumbing plastic except for the magnetics and magnetic wire.     https://vimeo.com/385540859 {Long run test},  https://vimeo.com/385546179 {voltage}, https://vimeo.com/385563897 amperage.           

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